Better Life with Clean Energy

Along with solar and wind energy, biomass, geothermal sources and biogas are other renewable energy

The Winds of the Future

From rudimentary windmills to modern wind turbines, the ancient principle of a spinning blade transforming

City of Tomorrow

Three post-Soviet capitals, namely Tbilisi, Chisinau and Kyiv, face common problems and challenges. We met

Pedestrians vs. Drivers

According to Georgia’s Road Traffic Law, all pedestrians should be able to walk safely along

Ukrainian Education in the New Era

The Soviet model education system, which was adjusted to independent Ukraine, does not suit modern

Public Transport Today

The level of development and strength of the economy of modern cities are measured based

The Luxury of Oligarchy in the Swamp of Poverty

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, small groups of people with an enormous power

New Ukrainian Health Сare System: “From Scratch” to Successful Changes

The health care system of Ukraine has been in need of fundamental changes for many

How to Bring Administrative Services Closer to People: The Story of the Tiachiv Community

  No queues and accessible services of European quality – we are talking about the

Uniform and Reform: How Has the Patrol Police Changed in Two Years?

Their average response time is seven minutes. The people working here are mostly young and

“Green” Economy: How Ukrainian Cities Are Mastering Energy Management

The year 2015 marked the beginning of energy sector reform in Ukraine, which advocated the

Reform of management of state property and privatization

Background Since the Soviet era a stereotype has prevailed in society, that what is the

Public Procurement Reform

Background In Ukraine, the purchase of goods, works, and services using funds from the State

Energy Independence Program and Energy Reform

Background The policy of “cheap gas” that were in place in 1990–2004, slightly relaxed both

Agriculture reform

Background During the Soviet times, the only landowner was the state. Consequently, the prerequisites for

Deregulation and entrepreneurship development

Background The economic and political conditions created after the Revolution of Dignity and the Ukraine’s

Public administration reform

History Ukraine has suffered 72 years under a communist totalitarian regime. In the last years

Tax reform

Backgrounds The modernization of the tax system began with the independence of Ukraine. In every

Law Enforcement Reform

Background After the collapse of the USSR, the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs,

Constitutional reform

Background The Constitution (June 28, 1996) regulates the rights, freedoms, and duties of a person

Judical reform

Background When it comes to judicial authorities, the Ukrainians have almost the same associations –

Reform of the national security and defense system

Background In 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine gained capable army with

Election laws reform

Preconditions For almost seven decades the Ukrainian people had been living in conditions of political

Education reform

Preconditions Education reform belongs to the bulkiest systematic reforms. To change the education system, it

Financial Sector Reform

Background A trigger to the financial sector reform was the signing of the Association Agreement

The governance renovation and anti-corruption reform

Preconditions Corruption could be considered a disease of the Ukrainian politics if it wasn’t its

Eight facts about health reform

Do you know what actually health reform is? It is not only about insurance medicine

In the shadow: electoral legislation reform

Behind the judges’ elections and scandals in the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP), the

Treasons and winnings of agrarian reform

To get the next tranche of 1 billion USD from the IMF, Ukrainian government signed

Ukraine’s state-owned enterprises: what is their future?

Ukraine inherited a huge number of state-owned enterprises from the Soviet past. Often they are

Blockade and reform: interview with an expert about the reality of energy independence of Ukraine

On Saturday, Mar. 18, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) removed the discussion of granting Ukraine

The main law: expert evaluation of the constitutional reform progress

Elections to the High Council of Justice (HCJ) as an important stage of the judicial

Ukraine’s judiciary reform: 5 things to know

Reform of judiciary has been one of the most demanded changes since the very independence

On the election to the High Council of Justice: results, response of NGOs, and importance for the judicial reform

According to the results of the elections to the High Council of Justice (HCJ) held

Ukraine to establish anti-corruption courts this year, expert commentary

According to the renewed Memorandum with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Ukraine has to create